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    Sam Gwer

      Executive Director

    Sam is ARA's team leader and the principal in ARA's Ubuntu-Afya Community Kiosk Project. He is a Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics in Child Health (UK) and has a PhD from the University of Amsterdam (2012) based on research work in child neurology. Since 2004, he has been involved in programs and clinical research on childhood coma, epilepsy and on simple tools for brain monitoring. He has published more than twenty five papers and has presented in a number of local and international conferences. He has been the recipient of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Fellowship award, the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Fellowship award, The Sheila Wallace award by the International Child Neurology Association in 2012, International Scholarship award by the American Academy of Neurology in 2013, and the Bernard D' Souza award by the Child Neurology Society of USA. Through the non-profit; Foundation for People with Epilepsy, he has been central to an initiative to improve access to clinical care and anti-epileptic drugs by people with epilepsy in Kenya. He is part of the secretariat of the National Epilepsy Coordination Committee which is a collaborative initiative of entities involved in epilepsy work in Kenya to develop joint strategies and guidelines to combat epilepsy in Kenya.

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    Moses Ndiritu

      Director, Health Information Systems

    Moses has background in clinical medicine with over 15 years of practice, holds an MPhil in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge and develops health information systems based on open source software. Moses has experience in paediatrics and child health research and practice, and has been involved in the conduct of clinical and epidemiological studies on evaluation of vaccines against severe bacterial infections in children. He leads the ARA team in developing a modular health management information systems (StoneHMIS) that has content relevant to the East African setting. His effort is instrumental in producing databases normalised to the East African region  for an interoperable milieu of health information technology as a knowledge base for the StoneHMIS but also counter-intuitive user interfaces for practising front line clinicians. Moses is also involved in day to day provision of clinical services, offering the much needed understanding of how electronic applications and processes interface with the actual practice of clinical medicine. His unique set of skills, experience and practice set him apart as a practical clinician, epidemiologist and health informatician.

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    Clifford Mwita

      Director, Research and Evidence

    Clifford is a qualified medical doctor with interests in evidence synthesis and utilization. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in General Surgery at Moi University. As part of his interest in evidence based healthcare, Clifford has acquired skills in conducting systematic reviews and clinical audits and holds an Evidence-based clinical fellowship from the University of Adelaide’s Joanna Briggs Institute. He currently heads ARA’s collaborative initiative with the Joanna Briggs Institute and spearheads ARA’s agenda of generating evidence and promoting its translation into practice.






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    Titus Ogello

      Programme Coordinator

    Titus is the Statistics and Standards lead at ARA. A Kenyatta University graduate in Population Health and a data geek at heart, he has previously worked with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in promoting a number of public health interventions, particularly touching on maternal and child health, and with KEMRI-CDC, as a community mobilizer.

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    Sylvia Sable

      Business Development Officer

    Sylvia supports ARA's strategy development and fundraising efforts. Having provided direct business, fundraising, and research support to leading healthcare enterprises in East Africa, Sylvia is passionate about seeing good ideas excel and more people access the healthcare they need. Sylvia received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her Master's Degree in Global Health from Duke University.

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    Benard Oduor Yahuma

      Finance Manager

    Benard is a CPA (K) holder with over seventeen years’ experience in administration and finance having previously worked in various tertiary institutions, a government parastatal (KERRA), audit firm ( AML Associates),  and a non-governmental organization (Wild Living Resources).  He is the team’s Accounts and Administration Officer.  He leads the team in budgeting, enabling business operations, financial reporting, human resource operations, and in facilitating statutory compliance for the organization.

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    Elizabeth Ombech

      Monitoring and Evalution Officer

    Elizabeth holds a Masters of Science degree in Public Health and a basic degree in Medical Microbiology, both from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She has over five years experience in sexual and reproductive health research and in leading health and market research focusing on reproductive health. She has extensive experience in research design, qualitative and quantitative research methods, data management and analysis, and program monitoring and evaluation. She has previously served as a research lead in a number of local and international organizations.

    Peer Reviewed Publications


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    Willah Nabukwangwa

      Project Officer

    Willah has a degree in Biostatistics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She has previously participated in a number of population based research projects with a bias towards reproductive and sexual health, supporting data management and analysis. She is part of the team coordinating the implementation of the Ubuntu-Afya Kiosk Project and also works on monitoring and evaluation of the Ubuntu-Afya and Tele-Afya projects.


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