Ubuntu Afya Medical Centres

Sustainable medical centres close to the patient

The Challenge: Rural populations in Kenya lack adequate access to affordable, high quality healthcare. While the challenges of providing healthcare in this setting are many, patients consider proximity and cost the greatest barriers to accessing the care they need.

Our Strategy: Set-up and manage Ubuntu Afya Medical Centres in rural areas where there is a dearth of public and private healthcare options.

The Innovation: Core to our model is the engagement of partner communities to set-up, co-own, and co-operate our medical centres. We believe that by engaging communities in the health system we improve the relevance of our services, patient trust and loyalty, and encourage community ownership over available healthcare services.

Sustainability: Sixty percent of Ubuntu Afya Medical Centres break even within the first 12 months of launching, a measure of sustainability that has eluded other private sector players working with our target population. Centre sustainability is supported by subsidizing the cost of care with revenue from transport and financial service enterprises set-up and operated by partner communities. Not only does this make care more affordable, it supports financial inclusion and addresses other healthcare access challenges in the community.


-Each medical center services a catchment population of approximately 30,000 people

-Two-thirds of our patients are women and children

-12 medical centers support child delivery services

-Offering treatment for non-communicable diseases, preventing catastrophic healthcare spending often tied to this type of care

Cost: Set-up and operating costs for 1 medical center for 1 year equal approximately $1 per capital.


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