Stone HMIS

Locally appropriate health technology supporting healthcare provision and decision-making across Kenya

The Challenge: In Kenya we lack locally appropriate and affordable health information and clinic management systems that can be utilized across disease verticals and at all levels of care. This has excluded the majority of patients and providers in Kenya from accessing the benefits of health technologies and prevented comprehensive collection of national health data to aid in decision-making.


Our Strategy: Develop and deploy a health information and medical records system that can be adopted by those without access to the benefits of health technologies as well as more advanced healthcare providers. We believe that by bringing the benefits of health technologies to providers delivering the majority of healthcare in Kenya, we can improve quality of care for patients and existing health databases and reporting systems for improved decision-making.


The Innovation: Stone HMIS® operates across diseases verticals and at all levels of care. It is amenable to various platforms and is an open-source system that facilitates uptake and flexibility as the health system grows and changes. Stone HMIS® has been designed to align with the work-flow of providers in Kenya and is interoperable with existing health databases and reporting systems.


Sustainability: Stone HMIS® is a freeware technology, supporting its potential for growth and impact in the coming years. Sustained impact will come from health data generated by the system and decreases to costs of development over time.



-Improve clinic management for effective and sustainable care

-Support best practice healthcare and decision-making for higher-quality care

-Contribute to national health data collection and reporting systems to inform public health interventions


Cost: Implementation of the system is anticipated to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for the healthcare provider and the broader health system. Our impact evaluation is tasked with putting exact numbers to these efficiencies and cost savings.


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